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Narona Homes incorporated in the ACT is one of Canberra's largest and reputable building companies that has constructed in excess of 3200 homes within the ACT. The managing director of Narona Homes Mile Vidovic is an 'A class' license holder who has been responsible for construction in the ACT since 1966.

Narona Homes has established a reputation as being one of the elite quality building companies in the ACT building industry. The company is committed to providing high quality innovative design projects with a dedication to both excellence and client satisfaction. Over the years Narona Homes has produced visually exciting homes which express the latest styles with the use of contemporary and energy efficient materials. Narona has contributed a large range of intelligently designed homes for many satisfied homebuyers.

Recently Narona Homes has gained considerable experience with residential and commercial development projects inside environmentally sensitive areas, and within the inner city redevelopment zones. Familiarity with the complexities of redevelopment and urban renewal within the ACT building industry are well understood and our former projects have assisted in minimising the affects that these complexities may cause.

In 1971 Narona Homes built a home in Kambah, the first for the Tuggeranong valley. An official opening ceremony was organised by the HIA and attended by the then member of the ACT Mr. K. Enderby.

Narona Homes is actively involved with the MBA and HIA organisations, Mile was Canberra's very first HIA member. In 1997 Narona Homes was awarded the HIA "ACT Home of the Year" and "Custom Built Home of the Year" awards. Kitchen and Bathroom contractors realising various other awards.

Narona Homes again dominated the 1998 MBA awards. Securing the "Custom Built home of the year" along with the "Innovation in Residential Building" award for its high quality innovative design projects.

At the HIA 2000 awards night, Narona Homes was recognised for its efforts in maintaining a minimal impact on the environment during construction, securing the "Best Environmental Practice" award, a direct result of our continued efforts in ensuring the environment maintains its character and cleanliness for our future generations.


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